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Ethnic Wear for Men in Dubai, UAE

The ethnic wear for men includes a variety of clothing styles from different cultures. Here are some examples of popular ethnic wear for men.


The kurta, or long tunic shirt, is often embellished with elaborate embroidery. The kurta is usually paired with pajama bottoms or churidars for a more traditional Indian look.


The sherwani, or longer coat, has embroidery and decorative elements. Indian grooms wear it at weddings, and on other formal occasions.

Pathani Suit

The Pathani suit is made up of a knee length kurta and straight cut pants. Popular in South Asian nations like India and Pakistan.


Dhoti is an Indian traditional garment consisting of a long cloth that’s wrapped around your waist and legs. It is often worn with the kurta, and is an important choice of clothing for religious ceremonies.

Safari Suit

Safari suits are casual, yet stylish outfits with matching trousers and a jacket that buttons up the front. The safari suit is often worn by people in hot climates and is usually associated with exploration and adventure.
Consider the occasion, your personal style and the cultural significance of the clothing when choosing ethnic wear for men. These traditional outfits are often customizable to meet modern comfort and style preferences, making them suitable for a variety of events and celebrations.

Buy Ethnic Clothing for Men in Dubai, UAE

Our collection is designed to make you stand out at weddings, festivals, parties and other special occasions. Our collection will make you standout at weddings and festivals. Prasha is more than just clothes. It’s an investment in timeless elegance, and pride in your cultural heritage.

Discover the perfect ethnic outfit for you in our collection of men’s clothing in Dubai, UAE. Prasha is a place where tradition and contemporary style meet to celebrate the beauty of ethnic wear.

Prasha offers exquisite ethnic wear for men in UAE. Make a statement with your purchase!

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Men’s Black Cotton Satin Blend Kurta Pyjama Set

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Men's Black Cotton Satin Blend Kurta Pyjama Set

Men’s Black Cotton Satin Blend Kurta Pyjama Set

Size Charts
Men's Black Cotton Satin Blend Kurta Pyjama Set
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